UDSC Recreational League Fall 2017
2017 Recreational Soccer Program

Hello everyone,
We are happy to announce that registration is open for our Fall Rec Program.
The club’s age groupings, based on U.S. Soccer regulations, largely remain the same with 1 notable exception:  for players who are in the U15 (born in 2003), but who will be in 8th grade in the fall, will remain in the U13-U14 (2004-2005 birth years) leagues.  Our U15-U19 leagues will be for high school players only. Please be sure to enter your player's grade correctly!
For planning purposes, here are some important points to know about the fall season:
-  Practices start in mid to late August.
-  Games will begin on the weekend of September 9th/10th. The season ends on the weekend of November 11th/12th.
-  U6 (2012 birth year) – U12 (2006 birth year) will play games on Saturday.
-  U13 (2005 birth year) – U19 (1999 birth year) will play games on Sunday (none before 11:30AM).
-  U11/12 leagues and above playoffs will start late October. These games may need to scheduled on a different day than normal.
- Rec Select tournament will be on the weekend of November 18th-19th.

Also, in years past, registration has remained open up until nearly the start of the season, which causes challenges with team assignments, competitive balance and scheduling for both practices and games.  This is a practice that we cannot continue to employ to run a successful program.  With this in mind, our registration timeline is as follows:
-  Regular Registration:  Now through June 1st
-  Late Registration: June 2nd – July 1st a $50 late fee will apply
-  After July 1st, no additional registrants will be permitted unless someone is new to the township – no exceptions!

Our Recreational Soccer Program follows the newly mandated U.S. Soccer guidelines so there have been some changes to our program. Please keep in mind these are guidelines set forth by U.S. Soccer and not by Upper Dublin Soccer Club. 

The number one change is regarding birth year regisration. Registration is nbw based on the birth year of the player, not their school grade. For example, a 2005 birth year player will be considered U13 for the 2017-2018 season. Please visit this link for more information regarding birth year registration: http://www.epysa.org/membership/us_soccer_player_development_cups__competitions/ 

The second important change will be to field sizes and number of players on the field. Please see this link for more information regarding the changes to field sizes and number of players on the field: http://www.epysa.org/membership/us_soccer_player_development_field__goal_standards/

These changes have led Upper Dublin Soccer Club to restructure our Recreational League into new league groupings. Our leaague structure is below. We may make changes depending on final registration numbers.

Year of Birth Age Group Players Ball Size League
2012 U6 4v4 3 U6 League
2011 U7 4v4 3 U7 League
2010 U8 4v4 3 U8 League
2009 U9 7v7 4 U10 League
2008 U10 7v7 4 U10 League
2007 U11 9v9 4 U12 League
2006 U12 9v9 4 U12 League
2005 U13 11v11 5 U14 League
2004 U14 11v11 5 U14 League
2003 U15 11v11 5 U18 League
2002 U16 11v11 5 U18 League
2001 U17 11v11 5 U18 League
2000 U18 11v11 5 U18 League
1999 U19 11v11 5 U18 League

* One exception: Players with a 2003 birthdate that are in 8th grade, will play in the U13-U14. Please be sure to enter your player's grade correctly so we can identify these players!

Upper Dublin Soccer Club is aware that these changes affect some players more than others. We ask that all families keep an open mind regarding these changes and help us to provide a great soccer experience to all of our players. 



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