Referee Assignments

Prior to a game, an email will be sent to all registered referees asking for availability. Referees who wish to work those games must reply to the email with the days and times they are available.

Referees will be assigned games on a first reply, first assigned basis. An email will be sent with the assignment schedule. Referees MUST REPLY to this email and include the day and time they are assigned, to verify the information is understood.
Refereeing is a job. It must be taken seriously. If you have been assigned to a game, it is your responsibility to work that game. If there is an occasion where you can not work your assigned game, you must try to find a registered, qualified referee to take your place, and you each must email or call the Referee Coordinator. If you can not find a replacement referee, you must call the Referee Coordinator.
Referees for playoff games will be selected by the Referee Coordinator.

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