Law 11 - Offside


You are in an offside position if, when the ball is touched or played by a teammate, you are…
  • in the opponent’s half of the field, AND
  • nearer the opponent’s goal line than the ball, AND
  • nearer the opponent’s goal line than the second last opponent.
It is NOT a foul to be in an offside position.
You are called for an offside foul if you are in an offside position AND the referee determines that you have participated in the area of active play by…
  • interfering with play OR
  • interfering with an opponent OR
  • gaining an advantage by being in that position.
You can NOT be offside if you receive the ball directly from a…
  • throw-in
  • goal kick
  • corner kick
If the referee calls an offside foul, the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul.

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