Referee Program

Upper Dublin Soccer Club uses qualified high school students as referees for the Recreational games. Referees for the 2-3 Leagues are a combination of licensed and club trained referees. Referees for the 4-5 and 6-8 League are licensed by the US Soccer Federation. The 9-12 League uses licensed adult referees. Just as the players are taught soccer in a safe and positive environment, the high school students are taught to be quality referees in a safe and positive environment. The referees have committed their time to make the Club games operate effectively.

The referee's word is law on the field. Coaches, players and team supporters must always show respect and sportsmanship to the referees. Team supporters should never approach or address a referee before, during or after the game. If a coach has a question about the application of a Law, it should be addressed during halftime or after the game, away from others, in calm manner.

The referee has the authority of the FIFA Laws to ask a coach or team supporter to leave the area around the field of play, and to stop the game until the order is complied with. Verbal or physical abuse of a referee will not be tolerated. If a coach has an issue with a referee, please address it with one of the Referee Coordinators.


Referee Coordinator Referee Training Coordinator Referee Trainer
Franziskus "Fifi" Bertl   Dominick Prozzillo
(484) 802-2260   (215) 852-2772

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