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*Please read in conjunction with our Club’s Travel/PDP Overview document*

1. What is Upper Dublin Soccer Club’s "PDP"?

"PDP" stands for Player Development Program. Although player development never stops, Upper Dublin Soccer Club’s "PDP Model" is especially designed for the long-term growth and improvement of our younger players utilizing Independent Professional Trainers (who usually do not have a son or daughter involved) at the following age levels: 1) U7 (spring only-no cuts); 2) U8 (selected teams only from tryouts); and 3) U9 (selected teams only from tryouts). Currently, after U9 (U10 and up) it will be the Club's decision as to whether or not individual teams continue the PDP Model which essentially means continuing to have a paid professional trainer.  Given the success of the PDP Model thus far, it is strongly recommended, anticipated, and expected that teams will continue on with the PDP Model once they move to U10 and up.  The Club will evaluate each group on a team by team basis and make a decision that is in the best interest of the children.  The Club will base its decision on many factors including, but not limited to, the abilities of parental coaches, coaching licensure levels of the respective parental coaches, the annual surveys executed by our families, and trainer’s evaluation of the respective parental coaches.  

We have created the PDP model to offer a higher level of training for our players not always offered by the traditional Travel model. A PDP player is provided the opportunity to receive higher level training from a Professional Trainer along with parental coaches. Our curriculum focuses on the development of the player both individually and as part of a team through team concept training using the Professional Trainers to oversee and implement the curriculum. Our emphasis is to build on the player’s technical soccer development while applying tactical soccer concepts for game situations. Other than our U7 groups, a PDP player still has to try out and make the team to be a part of our program. We are restricted by roster sizes by US Soccer’s guidelines. Trainers and/or The Club may decide to roster less than the maximum for certain teams in order to permit more game playing time for players.

2. What is a Travel team? 

All of the Upper Dublin Soccer Club teams (not in our Recreational League) at age U7 to U19 are categorized as "travel". As mentioned above, our youngest travel teams start in our "PDP Model".  All teams are usually run by parent coaches and/or parent managers who volunteer their time. Travel teams may have multiple teams in an age group who function autonomously. It is the Club’s decision as to whether or not the individual teams use the PDP Model.

3. I have another child who plays on another Upper Dublin Soccer Club travel team and the fees are less -- why? 

Our "PDP Model" teams have a dedicated Professional Trainer assigned to each group. Most of the additional fees are paid to these Trainers. The Professional Trainers are responsible for numerous jobs including curriculum development, conditioning, training, game strategy, educating and evaluating our parent coaches, and player development. 

4. My son/daughter is only 7 years old or 8 years old and it seems like a lot of money to pay – why?

The Club’s philosophy is to place high level trainers at the youngest age groups. We believe that player development will have a greater opportunity for success when a strong soccer foundation in technical and tactical skills is built at an early age.  Additionally, the Club believes that it is best to have neutral people (the trainer or trainers) help make important decisions regarding the respective players and teams at the youngest age groups. 

5. Is Travel/PDP right for my child? 

This should ultimately be determined by you and your child. The Upper Dublin Soccer Club’s "PDP Model" is designed for boys and girls looking for a higher level of competitive soccer where age appropriate player and team development training is increased and specialized. Each PDP team is assigned a Professional Trainer. ln addition to training, our teams from U7 to U19 historically play in leagues against other travel teams including regional Travel leagues, Tournaments and Cups. Upper Dublin Soccer Club may offer various additional training resources as necessary for each team. Due to the high level of competition, the increased training, and the added resources, we believe this creates an environment of accelerated and professional quality learning for our players. 

6. What type of commitment is involved with Travel Soccer and the Player Development Program (PDP)? 

As mentioned above, travel soccer and especially our "PDP Model" at Upper Dublin Soccer Club requires a high degree of commitment. This commitment translates into extra time and extra effort. lf you are not currently able or prepared to abide by these expectations, our program may not be a good fit for your child at this time. Teams train 9-10 months out of the year usually from late summer until the end of spring the following year. ln addition to fall, winter, and spring leagues available, most teams play in seasonal tournaments and Cup Games. Even though most league games are not more than 30 minutes from Upper Dublin Township, some games and tournaments might take place in locations of greater distance. Many game schedules are beyond the control of Upper Dublin Soccer Club which limits our flexibility. 

7. Are there additional expenses with Travel Soccer and the "PDP Model"? 

Yes, you will incur additional expenses such as, but not limited to, tournament fees, trainer fees, equipment fees (ball, shin guards, cleats...), some League fees, some referee fees, and uniform/accessory fees. To some extent, soccer fees depend on the number of players for a particular age group. Some age groups may have multiple teams and some age groups may have one team. 

8. When are tryouts? 

At Upper Dublin Soccer Club, our teams have one tryout period a year. A Tryout Period usually consists of 2 or 3 separate sessions. We hold tryouts in the spring (usually during late March through the beginning of May) to select teams for the following fall and the following year's spring season. lf you wish to be considered for a spot on one of our teams, please email us at Scheduled tryouts will be posted on our website in late February or early March in advance of the springtime tryouts. 

9. lf my child makes the team once, is he/she automatically on the team in the future? 

Generally no. There are new annual tryouts as mentioned above. Accordingly, each player must continually earn his or her position on the team via the evaluations gathered at tryouts as well as the Trainer and Coach evaluations. A player who does not make a team should continue to play in Upper Dublin Soccer Club’s Recreational Soccer Program and go out for the team again at the next available opportunity. All players develop and grow differently. Some initially may not be strong enough and others may simply have a bad tryout. Continued play will enhance a player’s chances in later years. 

10. Does the "PDP Model" Trainer attend games? 

The "PDP Model" Trainers cannot attend all the games but he/she does every effort to attend 2-3 games per season per team (Fall and Spring - schedule permitting). When attending the games, the Trainer's role is to not only evaluate the players and adjust training sessions but also to train and evaluate the Parental Coaches (if applicable). Accordingly, Parental Coaches are often important to successfully manage the team. The Trainers create game strategy and Parental Coaches execute the Trainer’s plan on game day. 

11. Why is Travel/PDP Soccer a 9-10 month season? 

Soccer is a sport that has evolved in the United States to a year round sport, much like the rest of the world. The Upper Dublin Soccer Club helps to provide for a 9-10 month season during the Fall, Winter and Spring months. We want and encourage children to play multiple sports, but some kids will opt to play only soccer.

12. What are the Upper Dublin Soccer Club Registration Fees vs. Travel and PDP Fees? 

Most, if not all, soccer clubs charge an annual fee or membership fee to be part of the club. Upper Dublin is not different. The current $195 annual registration fee pays for, among other things, EPYSA insurance, field rental, uniforms, field maintenance, Upper Dublin Township fees, some league memberships, some referee fees, and website costs/fees. The fee is subject to change on an annual basis. Travel and "PDP Model" fees are not fixed amounts. The fees will vary depending on the amount of players involved. The "PDP Model" fee will cover the Trainer’s Fees. Upper Dublin Soccer Club pays for some league and referee fees, but not for all. The annual estimated per player cost over a 9-10 month time period with the PDP Model is approximately $800.00 (this does NOT include the Club registration fee). There are many teams that pay less.

We hope that the above has provided answers to your questions and general information about Upper Dublin Soccer Club. Of course, if you have any additional questions, please email us at  


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